The HADES Collaboration Board decided that the analysis software needs to be centrally maintained to improve the quality of the code. Dr. Jochen Markert and Dr. Jacek Otwinowski were asked to create the Software Maintenance Board (SMB) which will be responsible for this job. The proposal of organisation of the HADES software project made by Jochen, Thomas and Jacek is presented below.

A new organisation of code repository

  • The SMB proposes 3 levels of repository: Developer_SVN --> Coordinator_SVN --> SVN

Code Developers and Users

  • Code developers are allowed to commit code to the Developer_SVN repository
  • Each software project (Pre-Shower, PID, Tracking ...) must define the software coordinator to contact with SMB
  • Only software project coordinators are allowed to commit the tested code to the Coordinator_SVN repository
  • Software coordinators must prepare tests of the code and tools to be used by SMB
  • Software coordinators must inform about changes which influence on other parts of code (communication between several projects is mandatory)
  • All software users are allowed to check out code from the SVN repository

SMB - responsibilities, duties and privileges

  • Only members of the SMB are allowed to commit code to the SVN repository
  • The SMB assures the quality of the committed code by testing its functionality or by defining and asking for tests by the coordinators
  • The SMB discusses and takes part in the design of new code
  • The SMB goes through the new code and identifies code pieces which do not stick to the coding rules. The responsible coordinators are then asked to make their code conforming to the coding rules
  • The SMB provides tools (macros, programs ...) and tutorials how to use these tools
  • The SMB publishes the official releases of all HADES related software
  • The SMB maintains WWW: Wiki page with important documents: coding rules, ... manuals, links to programming ressources, etc.

-- JacekOtwinowski - 23 Jan 2007
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