Nurhana Tajuddin, Durham



Good to hear from you. Hmm, about my skills.

I am quite proficient with Fortran, but no other programming languages. In addition to the courses taught as part of my university course, I also spent six weeks over the summer of almost solid programming and simulating as a part of my summer student placement in the computational cosmology research group.

I am doing a theoretical physics course, so I haven't done a practical for about a year. However, I did do another student placement last summer at my university which was largely experimental work. During this eight week period, I learnt and used the basic functions of equipments such as an electron microscope and an impedence spectroscope.

Both placements involved a lot of analysis work, which I rather enjoyed. So I would prefer analysis, simulation work for the project, but would also love some experience with detector hardware. As for the detector knowledge, I'm afraid it's very basic, but I am keen to learn.

I guess that's about it. If I haven't answered all your questions, just let me know.

Looking forward to meeting you and doing the project. Nurhana.

Quoting Peter Zumbruch <>:

> Hello,
> my name is Peter Zumbruch and I will be your tutor during your stay at GSI.
> I have just finished my PHD and I am working as a post-doc at the HADES
> experiment at GSI.
> HADES is a di-electron spectrometer, designed to study primarily rare
> decays of vector mesons produced in nucleus-nucleus into e+e-.
> To define a proper project you can (maybe together) work on, I would
> like to get to know something about your skills
> (i.e. programming, frameworks, electronics, detector knowledge,
> analysis, simulation, prior experiences, etc)
> and your preferences, whether you rather like to analyse/simulate or do
> hardware.
> At least you will get an impression of having a running experiment,
> because at the end of your stay HADES is going to have a large-scale
> four weeks beamtime.
> Waiting for your answers,
> best regards.
> Peter
-- PeterZumbruch - 30 Jun 2005
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