1. Date:16.08.2005
    In these files chambers III6 and IV4 have been recieving a square signal of 960ns width while other chambers were not recieving any external pulse.
    The loaded masks were those of the file 389 where only two channels of each TDC are activated (ch 1,5), and the loaded thresholds were those of the file 381 where all channels are set to a threshold of 0x96. Unfortunately the calibration masks are set to 00, so there is no calibration and all times are shown in units of TDC-Channel.
    The square signal was selected to provide a fast rising time and hence a better resolution.
    The very wide signal was selected to avoid that reflections participate to the time measurement by the TDC (time range 1μs)
    The reduced number of active channels is to avoid coming out of the readout buffer limit.
    The measurement was taken at trigger rates about 6Hz, 100kHz, 12.5kHZ, 1.5kHz, 98Hz, and 12Hz accordingly. Unfortunately there was not a lot of time to do the measurement, so the number of events in the files is starting from about 2400 events which is a bit low regarding that the system has to reach equilibrium through a much larger number of events (about 70000).

-- KhaledTeilab - 22 Aug 2005
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