How To Attach a Headboard to A Platform Bed Frame?

Many may find it a problematic issue to attach a headboard to a platform bed frame. Before we move ahead with the question, let us have some basic understanding of the platform bed and headboard.

Platform beds are quite popular due to their versatile designs, compatibility with any mattress type and size, and various styles. Most furniture, from hoot to canopy beds, belongs to the platform bed category. They boast an incredible level of durability and longevity. The platform beds are much stronger and more resilient than any other bed type.

When people buy a platform bed, they often ask for an additional headboard. Even if they have existing furniture of the same type, they wish to have the headboard to elevate the comfort and relaxation levels. However, the prime challenge of how to attach a headboard to a platform bed will remain a hurdle, especially for those who are not skillful in tackling the issue. Most people are unaware of the proper process and sacrifice their dream of having a wonderful headboard for their platform bed.

If you are facing the same problems, do not worry much. In this section, we have discussed the best way to attach the headboard to the platform bed step by step.

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Top Reasons You Should Add a Headboard to a Platform Bed

Headboards are pretty beneficial, especially when discussing the best platform bed. Most people are still unaware of the advantages they can enjoy with this additional bed accessory. Therefore, we have listed some ways the headboard will prove to be highly beneficial for you.

Headboards offer excellent support and comfort, thanks to the rigid structure you can attach to one end of the platform bed.

When you add a headboard to the platform bed, you will have excellent protection for your head against the wall. You can now lie on the bed without accidentally hitting your head.

Most intricately designed headboards add more value to the overall aesthetics, elevating the overall beauty and elegance of the furniture.

If you choose an upholstered headboard, you can easily relax against it and continue with your novel or office work.

People who have back problems or cannot sit straight for a long time should get the headboard installed. It offers excellent sitting support and keeps the spine straight.

Another outstanding benefit of installing the headboard is the ability of the rigid vertical surface top to keep all the pillows straight instead of lying flat on the bed.

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Which Headboard Is Suitable for The Platform Bed?

Before adding a headboard to a platform bed, select the best accessory from the market. However, the task is much more complicated than one can comprehend. Since many options are available, you will find it challenging to select the right one.

First, there are so many options that finding the right one from the whole list is cumbersome and confusing. Second, your investment will go down the drain if you do not select the best accessory.

Therefore, to help you find the best option, we have described the ways to find the best headboard for your platform bed.

Measure your platform bed correctly, especially the edge where you will install the headboard. Consider the external length instead of the internal one, like a mattress.

Choose the best headboard type for the bed so that the designs can sync and the accessory does not look out of place. There are many different designs of headboards you can find on the market. Therefore, you don't have any problem with limitations.

Do consider your budget while choosing the headboard. Upholstered headboards are costlier than others. Similarly, the price will be higher if the headboard features intricate details.

Use suitable materials that can connect a headboard to the platform bed seamlessly. For example, if your bed is made from hardwood like teak, rosewood, and more, get the headboard of the same material. Similarly, if you have a steel platform bed, your headboard needs to be made with steel.

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Attach A Headboard To A Platform Bed: Step-By-Step Instructions

As you do not know the proper process of adding the headboard to the best platform bed, installation can be challenging. That is why we have explained the entire process, step by step, for better clarification and knowledge.

First of all, you need to work on gathering all the essential hardware tools and equipment units required to attach the headboard to the platform bed. Also, if you have received the headboard with no stained or polished surface, use a furniture Stainer to bring out the best look from the accessory.

Remove the bed from its position, leaving enough gap between the bed’s edge and the wall. You need to carry the heavy accessory and install it precisely to ensure it is tightly attached to the furniture. Therefore, space crunch can meddle with the installation process.

You will need M8 bolts and a hex key to attach the headboard to the platform bed. Place the headboard on the bed’s edge while ensuring the former’s legs are placed on the two corner posts of the bed.

If it is a freestanding headboard, screw in the bolts properly and ensure the headboard is aligned at right angles in accordance with the bed’s platform.

On the contrary, if your chosen headboard needs to be mounted on the wall, start with attaching the M8 bolts and fixing them on the bed's frame.

Once you are done, push the bed while ensuring its headboard rests against the wall. Use the concerned screws and bolts to fix the headboard with the wall. Ensure to mark where you need to drive the screw or nail. It will help you prevent further damage to the wall.


Knowing the process of how to attach a headboard to a platform bed will now help you complete the task with precision. But on top of everything, you don’t need to hire additional help for such a simple task. All you have to do is get the right headboard according to your bed and follow the above mentioned steps.

Although you might face difficulties initially, the struggles will pay off. Once you successfully attach the headboard to the platform bed, the furniture will look more elegant and outstanding. You can rest against it and complete the remaining novel rather than taking refuge on the couch uncomfortably. You can add more value to the overall aesthetics with an intricately designed headboard.

Rather than worrying about how to attach a headboard to a platform Bed frame, purchase a headboard of your choice and do the installation as mentioned.

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