Checklist of things to be checked before data taking in a beamtime

Print this page and fill out gaps and give it to the technical coordinator


issue date_of_check signed by
take care of automatic insertion of hld-filenames into Database (RunControl,    
after eventbuilder is running, check if data is really written    
start remote-event-server (Jochen Markert)    
check the start_daq file on the eventbuilder: important value: set watermark [expr 32 * 1024] must not be 0    
ask every sub-detector responsible if the data written to tape is really correct, also the details must be OK, like the currents in the RICH    
check if LVL1 trigger is set correctly, write down current settings in Logbook    
check LVL2 trigger IPU and MU by LVL2 emulation software with cosmics    
check all channels in data of RICH    
check all channels in data of SHOWER    
check all channels in data of TOF    
check all channels in data of TOFINO    
check all channels in data of MDC    
data check scaler and latches    
data check Forward Wall    
data check Pion Hodoscope    
put syslog file in the correct path    

Checklist of things to be checked after a beamtime

Save syslog and daq_monitor files
check what have been changed during beamtime and commit scripts etc

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