Here we collect documentation for the Hades-DAQ.

Global DAQ issues

  1. GeneralDaqOperation
  2. DaqCheckList ( things which should be checked before a beamtime)
  3. HadesArchivist (documentation of the Hades Archivist by Simon Lang)
  4. VNCRemoteAccess: Remote Access to hadesdaq via VNC, caveats
  5. The HADES network, switches, patch-panels, etc
  6. The Hades raw data format
  7. NEW The DAQ problems escalation plan: DaqProblems
  8. NEW The Data Access Scheme (Beamtime Apr 2007)
  9. NEW The Nagios
  10. Slow Control

Sub Systems and single Modules

  1. TOFSubSystem details (for example: TDC subevent structure)
  2. EventBuilder
  3. LinuxVMECPU
  4. TriggerHub
  5. RunControl
  6. TriggerBox configuration (changes rapidly!)
  7. MatchingUnit docu (README_EXPERTS and the data-format, etc)
  8. RichSubSystem (things for RICH)
  9. TriggerDistribution (Tiagos explanation of DTU/CTU issues)
  10. TriggerCodes
  11. TDCReadoutBoard (TRB) for RPC
  12. How to set parameters for ON-LINE analysis in Shower IPU.
  13. VHDL Code Information
  14. New trigger unit based on the VULOM3

FAQ about DAQ (Tassilo Christ)

Q. Where do I have to go to see the number of events in the current file
  1. Open View->Run in the hadaq main window

Q. The daq seems to run, but the hadaq main window is dead
  1. This error condition is not explicitly documented, Most probable one needs to
    close and reopen the hadaq window. BEFORE YOU DO SO CONTACT AN EXPERT!!!!!!!

  1. VERY old Documentation for the DAQ operator (here nobody should have a look at!)

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