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The entity has 4 inputs and 3 outputs.
Input Bits Function Output Bits Funktion
CLPD_CLK 1 Clock DISP_A_d 2 Adress Output
CHOOSE 1 Choose between displaying a predefined output and a 16 bit hexadecimal number DISP_D_d 8 Data output
ENTRY_IN 4 Choose predefined output DISP_WR_d 1 Write Signal Output
ENTRY_SAVE_IN 16 Hexadecimal number

To choose between several predefined outputs by setting ENTRY_IN, set CHOOSE to 1. Predefined outputs:
value displayed word
0000 BUSY
0001 LVL1
0010 LVL2
0011 ERROR
More predefined outputs can eventually be added.

To display your own 16bit hexadecimal number, set CHOOSE to 0 and put your number to ENTRY_SAVE_IN.

Pin names of the outputs

DISP_A<0> LOC = "M2"
DISP_A<1> LOC = "L5"
DISP_D<0> LOC = "M3"
DISP_D<1> LOC = "M4"
DISP_D<2> LOC = "N2"
DISP_D<3> LOC = "N3"
DISP_D<4> LOC = "P1"
DISP_D<5> LOC = "R1"
DISP_D<6> LOC = "T1"


Event Counter


The entity has 3 inputs and 1 output.
Input Bits Function Output Bits Funktion
CLPD_CLK 1 Clock ENTRY_SAVE_OUT 16 Display Output
ENABLE_COUNTER_IN 1 Enable counter
RESET_COUNTER_IN 1 Reset counter

To count an event set ENABLE_COUNTER_IN to '1' for 10ns. To reset the counter set RESET_COUNTER_IN to '1'.

To display the number of events put ENTRY_SAVE_OUT to ENTRY_SAVE_IN of display_ctrl and set CHOOSE to '0'.


top entity gp_add_on

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