Current speed: 1000 Event/sec -> goal: 5000 Event/sec

check waitstates -> waitstates application:

  • speed the application with empty loop (it means no access to memory/max speed 22.344289 MB/s
  • speed with access to the memory, but ONLY access - 15.826909 MB/s
  • access with copy data to the local variable - 13.464673 MB/s
  • access with copy data to the structure variable(un_long*)(8 var. in the str.) - 0.497151 MB/s
  • access with copy data to the local variable and use var. from the structure - 10.205232 MB/s

Readout proccess - sensitive points

  • read the memory & put data into the application-memory,
  • from the application-memory into the shared memory,
  • from the shared memory into the net.

Measurements of time LVL1_busy (in FPGA)

When there are:
  • 11 words per event, then we can achieve 80 kHz with LVL1 trigger,
  • 240 words per event then 10kHz (almost every channel fires two times).
    There are possible improvements in state machines in FPGA to achieve higher speed.
    -- MarekPalka - 30 Jun 2006

-- RadekTrebacz - 19 Dec 2005
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