Plan of Teaching

  1. Road Map (e+e- final pair spectra from NN, NA, AA -> e+e-X reactions)
  2. PID – standard cuts e+/e- reconstruction algortithm (HPidAlgStandCuts)
    • Algorithm description
    • Input parameters (HPidAlgStandCutsPar) - description
    • How to run PID with HPidAlgStandCuts in HYDRA framework
      • Input (HPidTrackCand data category, input parameters HPidAlgStandCutsPar)
      • Output (HPidParticle data category, control PID ntuple)
    • Exercises (HPidAlgStandCutsPar paramter container)
      • Initialise HPidAlgStandCutsPar parameter container from ORACLE and store it in ROOT file (runID=7006)
      • Draw parameter histograms stored in HPidAlgStandCutsPar
    • Exercises (control PID ntuple with C+C@2GeV events)
      • Make q*p vs. cut number plots
      • Determine purity and efficiency of e+/e- standard cuts reconstruction algorithm
  3. Dielectron (e+e- pair) reconstruction (NN, NA, AA -> e+e-X)
    • Dielectron signal and combinatorial background (CB) reconstruction
    • CB reduction strategy – definition of direct and recursive cuts
    • How to run e+e- pair analysis in the HYDRA framework
      • HPairFiller and HPairFilter reconstructor classes
      • Input parameters (HPairCutPar) - description
      • Output (HPair data category, control HPairFilter ntuple)
    • Exercises (HTree with HPair category with C+C@1AGeV events)
      • Draw HPair data members using TBrowser
    • Exercises (control HPairFilter ntuple with C+C@1GeV events)
      • Draw invariant mass, opening angle, transverse momentum and rapidity plots for unlike-sign and like-sign pairs
      • Draw invariant mass spactra for unlike-sign and like-sign pairs as the function of direct and recursive cuts
      • Calculate dielectron signal S = N(e-e+)-CB (CB = N(e+e+)+N(e-e-)) after recursive cuts




-- JacekOtwinowski - 22 Jun 2007
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