Selection of the elastic events has applied done on the following distributions
  • 175 < delta_phi < 185
  • tanTheta*tanTheta > 1
  • pion and proton identification via cuts on mass
  • ppi- missing mass2 > 1.35

Please note that in comparison to the beam momentum 690MeV/c

we see 23 MeV downward shift for the mean value of ppi- invariant mass, as expected from

lower momentum of 656 MeV


Total number of events 2 MLN. Energy in CMS 1.45 GeV




Non-elastic events


Overlay of ppi- missing mass^2 from PE (blue line) target and C (red line) one.

Spectra are normalized to yield in the ragio far from the peak position.

  • PPIM_miss_mass2_C_PE_notElastic_656.gif

Total number of ppi-pi0 events from fit to the missing mass spectrum (after background subtraction) 137 kEvents

Pi0 peak at 0.0255 GeV /c^2 (expected at 0.0193)

Overlay of ppi- missing mass^2 for non-elastic events from PE (blue line) target and C (red line) one.

Spectra are normalized to yield in the ragio far from the peak position.


-- GosiaSudol - 10 Sep 2014

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