Here it follows a list of steps which have to be performed in order to poof the electronics on the MDC:

1) Acquire a file (.hld) and make its analysis as described in OEPReadoutTest and check if all MBs deliver data (noise data). Open a TBrowser in ROOT and check the followings plots:

a) TDVvsMBO - noise pattern TDC vs MB

b) CalibratinData - calibration data pattern TDC vs MB and calibration slope

c) BitFlips - bit flip vs MB

4) In the FEETestLogBook keep track of the problematic MB or OEPB and the files acquired.

4) Test the FEE with HV on??
  • Make sure counting gas is in the chamber!!

5) Data taking with cosmics/pulser in order to have a cross check with "real data"??

-- AttilioTarantola - 03 Feb 2011
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