General DAQ

All what is written below should be done on hadesdaq computer.

Start acquisition

Button "Blue_Arrow_Down"->"Fast DAQ start". After a successfull ctu start, the sound "alle parameter..." should be played (if sound server is enabled).

Start data taking

Button "Blue_Arrow_Down"->"EvtBuild Start (Lustre ON)"

Start Event Builder without data taking

Button "Pingu_with_injection"->"EvtBuild Start to /DEV/NULL"

Stop acquisition

Button "Pingu_with_injection"->"Stop Hades DAQ". Normally it is not needed, just use "Fast DAQ start". Only for threshold setting.

Monitor the DAQ

Button "Blue_Arrow_Down"->"DAQ monitor". Use only one DAQ monitor! There is no need to stop the daq monitor, it it restarted after a daq start. If you want to copy some info from monitor to logbook, you should use button "Blue_Arrow_Down"->"DAQ monitor short for the logbook"

Sound monitor

Disable the sound alarms with: "Blue_Arrow_Down"->"Clear running sound until next ctustart". NEVER switch off the sound speaker, the sound is important!

Meaning of the sounds:
  • "Alle Parameter...": DAQ is started and should run
  • "Schutzschirme brechen zusammen": Permanent busy, have a look to the DAQ monitor, restart the DAQ
  • "Automatik unterbrochen": Eventbuilder is running, but no data is written (e.g. spill break?)

Changing file prefix

  • Button "Blue_Arrow_Down"->"Change Event Builder Prefix".
  • Close Event Builder windows
  • Button "Blue_Arrow_Down"->"Fast DAQ start". (Wait until DAQ is restarted)
  • Button "Blue_Arrow_Down"->"EvtBuild Start (Lustre ON)"

Where do we write the data?

  • Local hard disk: lxhadesdaq:/data/lxhadesdaq/sep08/
  • Lustre: /lustre_alpha/hades/beam/sep08/
  • Tape archive: hadessep08raw, directory: hld

  • ButWereAfraidToAsk)?topicparent=DaqSlowControl.GeneralDaqOperation" rel="nofollow" title="Create this topic">Everything You Always Wanted to Know About QA Check List (But Were Afraid to Ask)


  • Include/exclude subsystems: lxhadesdaq:/home/hadaq/apr07/oper/subsystems_for_daq
  • Change water marks: lxhadesdaq:/home/hadaq/apr07/oper/eb_netmem.conf
  • Writing to disk/lustre/tape: lxhadesdaq:/home/hadaq/apr07/oper/eb_netmem.conf

daq_evtbuild, daq_netmem

You can always find the used arguments in lxhadesdaq:/home/hadaq/apr07/oper/

-- SergeyYurevich - 25 Sep 2008
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