Cell geometries of the MDC's

The Input of all GARFIELD calculations performed to obtain the drift and response properties of the HADES multi wire drift chambers (MDCs)is the cell geometry of a single drift cell. As there are 4 different types of MDCs (GSI, DUBNA, FZR and ORSAY) which have different cell dimesions the calulations have to be performed for each type seperately. To get the E-Field conditions on the bounderies of the cell the drift cell is simulated in a pack of other layers. The cell used for the simulations is the one at 0 0 .

layout of MDC1 (GSI)
Layout of MDC1 (GSI).

layout of MDC2 (DUBNA)
Layout of MDC2 (DUBNA).

layout of MDC3 (FZR)
Layout of MDC3 (FZR).

layout of MDC4 (ORSAY)
Layout of MDC4 (ORSAY).

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