The software for the hodoscopes is capsulted in HHodo class. HHodo has place for 10 modules a 128 channels.

The following pdf file contains the status up to 18 Jan 2008:

* libhodo_doc.pdf: documentation in pdf format

The following description is somehow outdated, read the pdf instead!


Containing up to 4 Hits with Time and Width. If the number of hits exceeds 4 hit counter will increase but no data is stored for these hits. Never check/use this number, but always the function getMaxMult()!


Parameter containers in oracle exist for slope and offset for time and adc (=width), but there is no tool for deriving them (yet). Important: The order of appling slope and offset has been changed compared to may06!!! to be discussed: For Time I would suggest cal=raw*slope+offset For ADC I would suggest cal=(raw+offset)*slope Reason: in time the slope is more or less const. offset is changing In ADC you would first correct the "zero", and then adjust the slope... suggestions?


Containing Time and ADC, up to 4, same as on raw Level. Note: Calibrator will not fill for than 4 hits, thus number of hit will (at least at the moment) differ from raw level and not exceed 4. But dont rely on that.


Was started for proton test beam but never used... might not work reliable... test needed!


Until now only one hit per module is supported! Reason: Events with more than one hit in start det will be discarted anyway. In the future this should be changed (pion beam...).

HodoHit to Start Copy:

Copies hit data from hodo to start detector. For compatibility with software which relies on HI diamond start detector


In addition, there are histograms in Go4! They are mainly based on Raw level data and were built for the pion tests (two hodoscopes a 96chn).

-- BjoernSpruck - 21 Mar 2007

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