VxWorks VME IOCs for HADES


e7had2 and hadsc1 are the remaining VxWorks OS based EPICS IOCs. This is a collection of informations about this topic.

Important Note

Since there are no valid licences for vxWorks on site, you can only modify the database and the startup-files, NOT the executables!
Therefore CVS holds also the volatile files and directories, which normally could be regenerated.



    VxWorks boot procedure (hadsc1 and e7had2)

    The manual boot procedure of the VxWorks is described here (very old manual)

    The important part of the manual:

    Before booting VxWorks, you must set the configuration parameters for the boot, including the host and target network addresses, the file to be booted and so on:

    • Connect a terminal ( or a terminal server line) to the console port of the target board.
    • Power up the crate or reset the board.
    • If the board attempts to boot automatically, it is already set up. In this case interrupt the wait for boot by typing a character at the terminal. The board should show the boot prompt:
    • [VxWorks Boot]:
    • Type p at the prompt. A display with the current settings should be shown.
    • To change the boot parameters, type c at the prompt and answer the questions:
        prompt             answer       explanation<br>
        boot device          : ln       to find the name of the boot device type ?
        processor number     : 0       0 for the system controller, 1, 2... others, determines VMEbus address              
        host name            : hades07 
        file name            : targets\mv162\vxWorks       targets is the alias for the ftp directory
        inet on ethernet (e) :       the ffffc000 is the network mask
        inet on backplane (b):       
        host inet (h)        :       
        gateway inet (g)     :    
        user (u)             : nt_dvee\scs_e       
        ftp password (pw)    : xxxxxxxxxxx    (blank-use rsh)   use the real password
        flags (f)            : 0x22       
        taget name (tn)      : hadesmv162   
        startup script (s)   : SCSpro\dir\iocboot\st.cmd       SCSpro is the alias for epic_apps\prototypes
        other (o)            :       
            * Review the parameters with p and repeat if necessary. Then boot with @.
            * Note: the IP addresses here are real! Use your own ones! 
    The actual boot parameters are below:

    FTP connection

    Via an ftp conntection to lxhadesdaq
    • e7had2 gains access to its EPICS application residing at: scs@lxhadesdaq:~/apps/caen via symbolic link SCSpro/caen
    • hadsc1 gains access to its EPICS application residing at: scs@lxhadesdaq:~/apps/can via symbolic link SCSpro/can

    CVS code repository

    • Root
      • :ext:scs@lx-pool.gsi.de:/misc/hadesprojects/slowcontrol/cvsroot
    • Modules
        node module task tags
         e7had2  EPICS/apps/caen HV controls (MDC) caen-4planeSetup
        hadsc1 EPICS/apps/can can bus (slow ADC) status-22-10-2012

    Versions & CVS

    Due to a request for a reduced setup for the October 2012 beamtime, a symbolic link caen at the ftp-repository points either to the
    • reduced setup
      • directory: caen.2innerPlanesSetup,
      • CVS tag: caen-2innerPlanesSetup or to the
    • full blown up setup
      • directory: caen.4planeSetup
      • CVS tag: caen-4planesSetup
    • for October 2012 Test Beam:
      • directory: caen.4planesSetup_minus_planeII_sequencer, with disabled plane 2 sequencers for trip ramp down
      • CVS tag: caen-4planesSetup_minus_planeII_sequencer
    • alternatively reduced setup for October 2012 Test Beam:
      • directory: caen.2innerPlanesSetup_minus_planeII_sequencer, with disabled plane 2 sequencers for trip ramp down
      • CVS tag: caen-2innerPlanesSetup_minus_planeII_sequencer
    • to be extended ...

    While caen.4planesSetup_minus_planeII_sequencer represents the current status (October 23rd 2012), of the CVS repository.



    Open a telnet connection as user scs to the machine.


    Provided you've successfully logged in, type:
    • reboot to reboot the machine and wait, ≈ 5 minutes before you can reconnect!

-- PeterZumbruch - 25 Oct 2012
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