Detector Control System (a.k.a Slow Control)

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Background Informations

The Detector Control System of the HADES experiment uses the EPICS control system software.

DCS Howtos / Descriptions



    CSS based Archiver

    Archiver Appliance

Operator Interfaces - OPI/GUI

SCS CPUs and services

HV power supplys

LV power supplys

Hadcon1 modules a.k.a. ETRAX MCM

Hadcon2 modules - Setup

Dreamplug systems

Detector Controls


EPC167 Controller

etc. ...

SIAM VME Summary Interlock and Alarm Module

Hardware Description (via
Each fault input can be independently configured by an individual personality module via jumpers and resistors.

A programmable time constant determines how long a fault input error condition must be present before it trips the fault latch. The fault latch delay time constant can be set from 250 s to 105 s. Any fault trip drives the Daisy-Chain output. Systems requiring more than eight fault inputs can be accommodated by concatenating two or more SIAMs via front panel LEMO Daisy-Chain input and Daisy-Chain output connectors. The Daisy Chain input is TTL compatible and the Daisy Chain output is a TTL open-collector output.

IOC for trbcmd

  • An IOC was setup for testing trbcmd on lxhadesdaq
    • This is a proof of principle application
    • An IOC for the CTS will follow soon

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