Hadcon 2 Dreamplug Systems



    Dreamplug/HadCon2 Combinations

    • defined in startupProcedures and matched by the IOC code
    • FTDI ID via: $> sbin/udevadm info --export-db | grep FTDI | grep ID_SERIAL

      HADES net / GSI net
      Task attached devices hadcon2's unique FTDI ID:
      hadcon2 atmel
      firmware code version
      hadcon2 FPGA code place commment
      dreamp05 / ee-dev005 GAS levels, temperature OWADC1 009 ... dQ23 4.4.1 - lower HADES counting house  
      dreamp06 / ee-dev006 MDC, TARGET, GAS (differential) pressure, Interlock, O2 sensor OWADC1 001 ... dQ2C 4.4.1 - on top of HADES MDC gas rack  
      OWADC1 002
      OWADC1 003
      OWADC1 004
      dreamp09 / ee-dev009 MDC, GAS flow, pressure OWADC1 005 ... dQ2q 4.4.1 - HADES cave, below left downstream railing  
      OWADC1 006
      OWADC1 007
      OWADC1 008

    More detailed informations can be found at http://wiki.gsi.de/cgi-bin/view/Epics/HadesHadcon2SystemsDreamplug.

-- PeterZumbruch - 30 Nov 2012
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