When you have DAQ problems, please follow this procedure


  1. Are still events written to tape?
  2. Is one crate turned off? (use slow control window to check)
  3. Is one system busy? (use the "DAQ monitor" to find this out)
  4. Does the "error watch" show red messages?

Event builder problems

No busy on the trigger crate, but no events are written

  1. Restart the EB by the "blue-arrow-down"->"EventBuilder Start". If this does not help
  2. Restart DAQ by "blue-arrow-down"->"Fast DAQ start"

Busy problems

One system shows permanent busies, No red messages

  1. Try to restart DAQ, if this does not help:
  2. Find out which subsystem causes the problem (first check LVL2, then LVL1). Reboot (turn off/on the power of the crate) the VME CPU(s)
of this system by using the slow control. Rich could be more complicated, ask a RICH expert.
  1. For TRB, see below
  2. After a power cycle of a VME crate, you have to wait for the "init done" message in the Error_Watch

TOF problems

Red messages from the TOF crates like "counter mismatch"

  1. Restart DAQ, if this does not help:
  2. Switch off/on tof0 crate,
  3. Sometimes a TIP board is completely hanging (see error message in error_watch)
  4. In this case, reboot the corresponding crate by going to the DetectorControlSystem Window and hit the button named after the TOF crate mentioned in the message of the "error_watch"-window, turn off/on the crate and wait for the message "TOF-X init done" in the "error_watch" window.

TRB problems

  1. no known at the moment

Unknown problem and all of the above didn't help

  1. turn off all DAQ (VME) crates on the slow control panel: MDC, TOF0-4, trigger, Preshw, MDC2
  2. don't turn off the Front End Electronics Low Voltage if the High Voltage is still on! Only do this if the detector responsible allows you to do this!
  3. turn them on after a short while
  4. wait until for all subsystems the following message appeared in the error-watch: Sep 29 09:01:26 r2-29 bash[128]: init hardware shw done, or just wait ca. 5 minutes
  5. restart the DAQ
  6. Remark: RICH power-off/on is a little bit more dangerous, so first try just a "user_reboot" command on all three rich CPUs: R2F-28:rich2 R2F-27:rich1 R2F-24:rich0.

If all didn't help:

  1. Please call somebody who has some experience with the DAQ, for example: M.Traxler, I. Frhlich, M. Jurkovic, J. Pietraszko and so on...

-- IngoFroehlich - 28 Sep 2005
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