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1. My diplome thesis

During my diploma thesis, I worked on the design and implementation of the HADES driftchamber readout. Mainly testing the applicability of the chosen TDC chip. This included the temperature and supplyvoltage dependency of the measured time.

As a result the prototype of the readout electronics was build and succesfully commisioned during a beamtime in september 1999. Based on the expirience gained during this test a decision to build a second version of the electronics was made. See next paragraph for details.

The document of my thesis can be found here http://www-hades.gsi.de/gsi/docs/Diplom/JoernWuestenfeld_Diplom.pdf as PDF or http://www-hades.gsi.de/gsi/docs/Diplom/JoernWuestenfeld_Diplom.ps.gz as psostscripf file.

2. My phd thesis

A part of my phd thesis is basically a continuation of my diploma thesis. The realisation, test and commisoning of the driftchamber readout in ist final implementationis one of the topics. This includes all the software nedeed by and for the hardware operation. Most of the functionality is implemented using either CPLD's or DSP's. Both of these devices need some software to do the work.

The second part of my thesis deals with the online and offline monitoring of the driftchamber data. The main idea behind this is, to get as quick as possible a handle on the performance of the detectors. This is needed to keep the performance, which is influenced by variouse operation parameters, at an optimum level. All these parameters unfortunatly are in some respect coupled to each other.

For up to date information, have a look into my logbook.

3. Current work

My focus has changed now to the understanding of the LVL2 trigger in HADES. Therefore I crosscheck the code, and investigate the variouse variables that are supplied by the trigger system.

4. Software development

In the future I will put documentation of some of the software that I have developed.

Standalone software:

  • Hydra: Program to analyse HADES data. Freely configurable via configuration file. Can do full analysis running all tasksets of HYDRA. Works for both simulation and real data.

  • hhistory: New version of hhistory tool. Rewritten using QT as GUI interface, circumvented design flaws from version 1.

Classes for HYDRA analysis package:

  • hmessagemgr: Message manager class, that replaces the standart ROOT message manager. Is capable of writing messages either to terminal, file or via a socket to a remote process.

  • hmdctdcchannel: Class to hold the channel setup of the driftchamber TDC's. Needed to generate the channel mask's for the tdcsetup program.

  • hmdconlineslope: Class to evaluate the online calibration events.

  • asciintmap: Class to map strings to integer values. Usefull to map names of categoryvariables from a configfile to the corresponding integervalues. The map is created by a shell script.


  • Batch Report: Script to test the batchfarm machines for correct operation.

  • Batch farm cleaning: Scipts to clean all machines of the Batchfarm from leftover files of crashed jobs.

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