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Here you can download a detailed presentation about PAT framework (PowerPoint 2007 - do not try to open it in OpenOffice, otherwise you will see the crap - because of font replacement) as it has been shown during 5th HADES Summer School (22 Sept 2009, 15:10-17:45). Probably you will prefer PDF version which is here

Source code

Here you can download the source code: PAT_5thSummerSchool.tar.gz (version from 21 September 2009)
Unpack: tar xvfz PAT_5thSummerSchool.tar.gz

The code will be unpacked to your present directory. The ultimate code organization has to be discussed. It could be the following:
  • HNtuple code in (as it is now in HYDRA)
  • PAT core code in (new code subdirectory in HYDRA ?)
  • user defined PAT part (program, cuts) in pat/macros ( ? )

PAT core files: PatLinkDef.h, Makefile, htrackplayer.h,, hpool.h,, hpidpool.h,, hpattern.h, hparticlepool.h,, hparticleplayerhandle.h, hparticleplayer.h,, hparticle.h, hparticledatapool.h,,, hparticlecandidate.h,, houtput.h, houtputfile.h,,, hhyppool.h,, hhypplayer.h,, hhypdatapool.h,, hypdata.h, hhypcandidate.h,, hfile.h,, heventpool.h,, hcut.h,, hcommondef.h,

PAT user defined files (for example):, htrackcut.h,, htimecut.h,, hgraphcut.h,, hdedxcut.h,

For (and because of) the brevity of this summer school training we have all files (HNtuple code, PAT core code, PAT user code) together in one directory.

Compile: make
Clean code: make clean

Before you compile in GSI please change the Makefile:
USES_RFIO := yes
and add also
-lRFIOtsm \
somewhere in the list of the libraries.

Learn by example

Download M3_..._PAT.root files to your directory.
Example file is: /s/przygoda/pp_1.25_to_p_D+.p_dilepton.e+_e-.GEANT1_dst_1.root Follow the instructions of the speaker smile

-- WitoldPrzygoda - 22 Sept 2009

I Attachment Action Size Date Who Comment
M3_DEDXCUTS_PAT.rootroot M3_DEDXCUTS_PAT.root manage 4 K 2009-09-22 - 13:36 WitoldPrzygoda Some example graphical cuts (dEdx)
M3_PIDCUTS_PAT.rootroot M3_PIDCUTS_PAT.root manage 6 K 2009-09-22 - 13:35 WitoldPrzygoda Some example graphical cuts (PID)
PAT2_info.pdfpdf PAT2_info.pdf manage 518 K 2011-11-28 - 13:54 WitoldPrzygoda PAT2 short info
PAT_5thSummerSchool.tar.gzgz PAT_5thSummerSchool.tar.gz manage 26 K 2009-09-22 - 13:24 WitoldPrzygoda PostDST Analysis Tool
PAT_training.pdfpdf PAT_training.pdf manage 1 MB 2009-11-24 - 13:56 WitoldPrzygoda PAT in details - presentation from V Summer School in PDF
PAT_training.pptxpptx PAT_training.pptx manage 186 K 2009-09-25 - 15:31 WitoldPrzygoda PAT in details - presentation from V Summer School
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