MDC Upgrade - the final phase


The first meeting of this working period will take place on Monday, 4.1.2010 at 10 a.m. in the upper counting house.

Plans & Schedules

The main tasks

  • Testing of all chambers
  • Cabling of plane 1
  • Install missing parts on all chambers (Cables, Optical Connectors, Low-Voltage)

Available people

  • Monday and later: Christian, Jörn, Gosia, Kathrin, Jan
  • Tuesday (about 2 or 3 days): Khaled, Erik, Paul
  • Wednesday and later: Tobias
  • Second Week: Torsten (wednesday), Erwin, Tingting


Monday (4.1.) should be used to do as much planning as possible so that we can start "working" with all available people on tuesday.
  • Find best positions for FanPW on plane 1
  • Discuss the list of needed tests for each chamber. I prepared some tables in the wiki: TestLogBook
  • Start testing

On Tuesday, Khaled, Erik and Paul will join us.
  • Prepare all cables for plane 1
  • mount optical connectors to all accessible sectors
  • prepare one optical connector to simplify test setups

Other work

Other work that can be done by us with the help of the Werkstudenten if no MDC-work is available:
  • place optical cables along mainframe
  • finish cleaning up of piles of unsorted cables in the back part of the cave
  • help Andreas building holding structures for TRB-stacks
  • help Torsten laying LV-power cables

Testing chambers

  • we have two MDC AddOns and three FanPW available. This is two complete test setups to test two chamber independently in parallel.
  • two people should work together in testing one chamber
  • Besides cabling of plane 1, in-depth testing of all chambers has priority!


These pages have to be maintained!

Boards availability

  • OEP: Box with all tested OEP (around 430 boards in total) is available in the cave
  • FanPW: Rest of 28 boards should arrive end of next week, then have to be tested and adjusted - available around middle of the month
  • MDC AddOn: New MDC board design is on its ways - boards are most likely available end of March / start of April
  • Hub2: (used to connect several MDC boards to CTS): Boards will be sent back to producer for some reworks to be done. Should be available in 2 weeks.
  • CTS: Central trigger system - I didn't hear any news from Mareks design during the last month.

-- JanMichel - 01 Jan 2010
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